Let's Play Games!
Fuddy Duddy


Mission Statement:
Our name is our mission.

It's been our rallying call ever since Grandmom exclaimed "Let's Play Games!" And from that rallying call Let's Play Games! LLC was born in 2004. Our creations come from our summer weekends when all the grandkids play games morning to night and sometimes in the middle of the night until we perfect our pasttime or fall asleep trying.

After all, Life's meant to be played.

Out of this spirit, Fuddy Duddy found its way. Primarily Ken and Uncle Joe did much of the thinking. Every Buddy else did the important thing. The playing.

And now, after countless hours of popcorn, pretzels and Jimmy Durante impersonations, all that case study has yielded the fine result. Finally, now every Buddy can play Fuddy Duddy. Have you?


By the way, our countless hours of play have led us to some worthy tips on how to win at Fuddy Duddy. Take note!


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